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Greetings, if you were searching for better, then we are confident that your search has ended, because you have found what you were looking for; Destiny Cathedral. We are a church where the love of God is felt, hope is a reality, and God is encountered. If you were looking for a place to experience life transformation, or if you are looking for a church where you can grow in your faith, search no longer, we welcome you. Destiny Cathedral is a family-oriented body of believers that teaches, preaches and practices the word of God. Visit or join us for a life changing experience. See you soon!

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Rev. Dr. Paul Patrick

Rev. Dr. Paul Patrick

Senior Pastor

From Youth Leader to Choir Member, Deacon to Board Member and Usher, his wide experience in church activities and leadership paved a solid foundation toward fulfilling his calling.

Rev. Dr. Paul Patrick experienced the saving grace of the Lord at age 18 years old in Barbados the country of his birth in 1975. He and his wife Cheryl were married the same year he migrated to the United States in 1979.

Latest Sermons

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The Missing Key to Answered Prayer

October 20, 2020

We are praying to God in the Name of Jesus. We are praying with expectancy, we are praying prayers in faith and believing the Lord for miracles. Yet, our prayers are not being answered. This message gives the key to why prayers are often not answered.

Alarms are Ringing, but God Will fight for us.

Alarms are Ringing, but God Will fight for us.

October 4, 2020

The events that are occurring today in America are troubling, even alarming. Jehoshaphat was alarmed when he heard that three nations were on their way to attack Judah the Southern Kingdon. However, because he was it was normal of him to do what was right in the fight of the Lord. he took the appropriate steps that led to the defeat of the invading armies. God will fight our battles as the people of the Lord bur some basic steps need to be taken. Jehoshaphat took these steps.

“Changing Lives By The Power Of God That is Working Within Us.”